Let’s Celebrate! We’re Over A Year Old!

It’s now over a year and Whole Energy wants to celebrate with you!

Join Whole Energy as we launch our wholistic Self Care Body product line.  Enjoy hand massages, small vegan bites, a special drink via COMMUNION JUICE, music by DJ Snick At Night, product demos and a special raffle TBA! 
This past year has been a whirlwind; I tell you, a whirlwind. I’ve been vending and networking. Re-evaluating production, product development, marketing, pricing and planning. Questioning how can Whole Energy make your experience better? How can Whole Energy reach more people? Is there something you want that Whole Energy does not have? Whole Energy is catching momentum and answering your needs. Whole Energy wants you to come and experience the products we’ve built to help facilitate your self care and wellbeing needs. Whole Energy added new products and Whole Energy wants your feedback! Your feedback helps us succeed. Look forward to all of the pop-up events this year coming to a city near you! Whole Energy appreciates your energy and support.
WE look forward to the future,
Peace and Love